The first Emirati organization to provide VIP & Protocol Management Services

Managed by an Emirati team to private and government entities

Who we are

The idea of establishing an Emirati company that provides protocol services and ceremonies management is inspired by the vision of the leaders of the UAE to represent the true values of the UAE and provide exceptional hospitality to all the guests of the country. We are more than 120 Emirati professionals (men and women) who have been trained by the best international schools of protocol. We are capable of dealing with important figures, such as members of the Royal Family, senior officials, diplomats, and international guests.

Our Mission

To manage and support local and international protocols for the government and private entities.

To promote and represent our country in accordance with the highest international standards, thereby reflecting the image and the cultural heritage of the UAE community.

Our Vision

To be the first Emirati company to provide VIP and protocol services

Our Team

Alwazna Falah

President, Founder

Badreya Al Mutawa

Vice President

Faisal Ali Al Dhaheri

Logistics Management

Abeer Al Ahmed

Expert in VIP & Protocol, High Level Event

Asma Al Hamadi

Finance & Operation

Abdulla Khalaf Alhemeire

Public Relations & Marketing

Sultan Mubarak Albareiki

Expert in Protocol & VIPs Management Services

Fatima Essam

Team Building & Training

Our Strategic Goals

Creating a favorable protocol culture in the UAE

Improving the protocol profession and encouraging public interest in this line of work by establishing the profession as a career of choice

Gaining world-class reputation in protocol methodologies and practices

Achieving institutional excellence and effectual VIP management


Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Tolerance Award

Protocol Department Ras Al Khaimah

The Secretariat General of Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf

Wazna Jewellery Designing

Al Nahyan & Al Maktoum Weddings

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019 - F1 Race

ACI Airport Exchange 2019

Our Partners

Art of International Protocol & V I P Management Training

We prepare you to interact confidently and effectively with very senior individuals, including in formal and structured situations.

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