We offer you VIP customized assistants with great interpersonal skills, and a proactive approach to handle or your personal & business affairs.


VIP personal assistants

Political and economic public figures and government leaders have a very fast pace moving schedules. It is challenging to keep up with every appointment, meetings, and events

alone, therefore, hiring our skilled personal assistants is critical to make sure that they provide you with  all the necessary support and create a smooth flow for  you whether you are a  VIP professional or private entity.

Our trained VIP Personal Assistant are very well trained to accompany your needs in the highest standards. Making sure to offer you customized services with great interpersonal skills, and a proactive approach in handling your personal or business affairs. VIP Protocol Events personal assistants  pay attention and take care of every detail to present you as a VIP individual in the best image.

A personal assistant needs to have specific qualities like resourcefulness. Being able to deliver you with as many resources as information about events you need to attend, information about a specific person you need to meet, what’s appropriate and what’s not in a public and private setting is important. Having a trustworthy personality, flexibility, decisiveness, and active listening skills are all important to be successful when handling such a job, that is why VIP personal assistants maintain credibility, diplomatic and are knowledgeable on dealing when administering your tasks. Our trained team is experienced in protecting sheikhs, sheikhas, and high-class political/business individuals.


Our VIP personal assistance  services include:

Coordinating diaries, meetings and appointments, alongside travel arrangements and correspondence management

Assisting with the organization of the official programs while providing logistical support in the planning and execution of engagements, attending recess and skillfully supporting official visits

Serving  as a personal protocol officer for VIPs (businessmen/women/diplomats and celebrities)

Art of International Protocol & V I P Management Training

We prepare you to interact confidently and effectively with high positioned individuals weather in formal, colloquial or in complex situations.

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