Our trained consultants evaluate, enhance and upgrade your appearance, behavior and communication skills to ensure that your VIP image is consistent with your personal and professional goals.

VIP Image consultants

VIPs go to great lengths to express themselves in a professional image. Dressing appropriately and professionally to a meeting or an event can and will give a sense of power and will increase self-confidence. Thus, it’s important to put on an extra effort to convey a certain image for the public, to show how serious you are and determined to reach your goals. VIP Protocol Event Image consultants help clients define their brand and boost their communication skills, because not only do our image consultants help you look professional and appropriate, they make sure to enhance your credibility with the wardrobe.


Image consultants in the VIP Protocol Events are well-aware of how important wardrobe is. Therefore, they are well trained to notice every little detail that may place an impact on the VIP’s image and brand. Not only do we consult you on formal business attire, but we help you find the most suited shade of color for you and customize all fits to place a positive impact on your partners and counterparts. With our prepared on-the go approach in image consulting, we help VIPs schedule out all professional apparel ahead of time and plan out additional clothing to avoid any possible complications. In the business and political world, it is crucial to be presented in proper and appropriate attire, for as clothing plays a huge role in giving out first impressions and making decisions. That is why VIP Protocol Events provide an experienced and qualified team to improve representation.


Our VIP image consultancy  services include:

Consulting you on your business outfit

Helping you prepare your outfit as per the event type or business trip

Providing color and outfit idea advice

Visiting and helping with home wardrobes


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