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We prepare you to interact confidently and effectively with very senior individuals, including in formal and structured situations.

Protocol Foundation & VIP Management Training -
2 Days Program

In coordination with us, V I P & Protocol Events Management Institution, the Protocol School Of Washington will conduct a private training on the area of “Business Etiquette & Professionalism”, a full-day program.

Training Objectives

In coordination with us, V I P & Protocol Events Management Institution, the Protocol School Of Washington will conduct a private training on the area of “Protocol foundations & VIP Management”, a 2-full days program (or 3- half days)

The training will prepare the participants to effectively and confidently:

  • Represent their organizations as a highly credentialed protocol professionals during events.
  • Provide VIP-centered excellence to all guests to include visits of Ruling Family Members, Heads of State, International High–Level Officials, Ministers, Board Members, Delegates, and Diplomats.
  • Receive and introduce guests upon arrival, plan and orchestrate all details for formal meetings, ceremonies and special events.
  • Avoid critical situations and embarrassment that may occur due to misunderstanding sensitive topics, and know how to answer professionally.


Based on the training requirements presented, the Protocol School Of Washington proposes the Protocol Foundations Training program to be two days in length, or three-half days

The program will be conducted in a balanced approach with focus on the participants’ learning requirements and within a positive learning environment. Facilitators training materials will be professionally created in English and will have a balance of text, diagrams, illustrations and examples relevant to the workshop. The delivery dates of the below training program will be agreed upon.

The area/topics that will be covered in the program are:

DAY 1 (9:00 am- 3 pm)

  • Protocol overview, history & Introduction– Participants will have an overview of the history of protocol, international concept practice, skill competencies for successful protocol operations and the use of etiquette and social intelligence.
  • Precedence – Participants will understand the usage and importance of this fundamental protocol tool; determine precedence in various situations.
  • Positioning & Honoring – Participants will apply the factors involved in understanding effective positioning arrangements to identify nuances to consider when hosting international guests and VIPs, especially for seating positions, group photos, flags and place of honor.

DAY 2 (9:00 am- 3 pm)

  • Titles & Forms of Address– Participants will be able to properly use titles and forms of address for Ruling Family Members, officials and international VIPs in order to address them properly and make proper introductions in various situations.
  • Personal diplomacy- – Participants will learn how to master the first meeting by using appropriate business introductions, listening skills, body language and gestures, handshaking and eye contact, and appropriate small talk with guests & dignitaries.
  • Professional Images & Business Attire – Participants will learn how to dress in appropriate attire for different occasions (Business & Social) in order to make a good first impression, build their personal band while positively representing their Corporate and their Government.
  • VIP Excellence – Participants will learn how to properly escort and make small talk with VIPs by learning what are appropriate topics, how to prepare to discuss current topics, how guide a VIP on a tour, understanding the VIPs body language and facial expression.

Art of International Protocol & V I P Management Training

We prepare you to interact confidently and effectively with high positioned individuals weather in formal, colloquial or in complex situations.

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