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At the VIP Protocol Events, we not only help you build several networks, but we help push you to participate in different locations to connect with like minded people that help will you grow.  VIP Protocol Events help you strengthen your relationships with other people to reach a goal. Networking will also help you develop skills and give you access to resources that will help benefit you in your career and open new doors to different opportunities. Adding to that, networking can make you remarkable in any group of people that carry the same interest or who are in the same profession as you. After all, it is critical to be visible in a field of your work to flourish in the future. it will allow you to express your opinions and be heard. Furthermore, networking will boost your self-esteem, this will for sure help you advance your social skills in a very competitive world like the business world.


Networking is a skill, and the VIP Protocol Events help you develop such skill by becoming a connector and start networking groups. After each training session, we organize a time for trainees to connect. We also help you focus on the right people in any industry you’re interested in. We are strategic and efficient when it comes to building new networks, so we also help you learn to ask thoughtful questions and be professional when building these networks.


Members of the VIP Protocol Events cooperate to build a successful foundation that serves the United Arab Emirates. It is our mission to provide services to represent the Emirati society in an honorable manner. Therefore, team building is crucial for our organization. Team building is an exercise that the VIP Protocol Events focus on to improve productivity and boost collaboration. Operating in an environment that encourages creativity and cooperation will direct an organization towards success.





We help you select a program to fit your goals, budget, and calendar perfectly.


We help custom tailor your activities to fit your team culture and your intended outcome.


We handle all of the event details, coordinating between you, the venue, your facilitator.


On the big day, all you have to do is show up. We will coordinate everything

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We prepare you to interact confidently and effectively with high positioned individuals weather in formal, colloquial or in complex situations.

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