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Protocol and Events

The protocol is found everywhere in our societies. By managing events calmly with respect, protocol officers are very detail-oriented and great planners. VIP & Protocol Events takes care of all types of VIP visits for any type of event either events that are planned ahead or meetings planned by our organization. Our team of protocol officers make sure to deliver a positive, productive and high social skills experience to help you feel comfortable,welcomed and most importantly thrilled in any social event.


We calculate every little detail in order to achieve professional performance by making sure all protocol processes and procedures are highly met for all country leaders, diplomats, and public figures who hold a powerful influence among the people in today’s society. We focus on teamwork and effectiveness to aim for outstanding results.


Events that are attended by protocol officers are countless. From business meetings to big political events, the protocol must be present. VIP meetings, World Summits, press conferences that represent political figures, royal weddings, galas, signing ceremonies, diplomatic events, head of state visits, exhibitions, and social events. 


Our main range of services in Protocol  & event managing and planning include:

Welcoming and receiving guests from the airport/hotel

Managing protocol in different types of events such as conferences, summits, business forums, gala dinners, signing ceremonies of MOUs, diplomatic events and head of state visits, exhibitions and social events 

VIP Protocol Services: Elegant Escort to Exclusive Venues, Majlis and Dining Areas.

Art of International Protocol & V I P Management Training

We prepare you to interact confidently and effectively with high positioned individuals weather in formal, colloquial or in complex situations.

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